How Social Media Can Kill Your Accident Case

People of all ages today love to post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  It is natural to want to share your daily happenings with your friends.  However, if you have a pending accident case, you need to be cautious about what you post.
Insurance companies are in the business of trying to minimize their costs as they adjust personal injury claims.  That has always involved the gathering of traditional types of information such as police reports, medical records and photographs.  However, now that many people choose to share the intimate details of their lives on social media, insurers will not hesitate to mine those sources for damaging facts to use in defending your claim and reducing the compensation to which you are entitled.
Here are some dos and don’ts:
DO NOT ever post information regarding your accident or your accident claim.  It is possible that an insurance company could claim that something you have posted is an admission that you were at fault for the accident.
DO NOT post any photos or information which may be considered to make the nature and severity of your injuries seem questionable.   For example, if you are claiming that you can no longer engage in physical activity as a result of the accident, it does not make sense to post a picture of yourself playing second base at the company softball game.
DO NOT vent on social media about what happened to you or how the insurance company is mistreating you. Ultimately, the attorney assigned to the claim by the insurance company may take your testimony at deposition and trial and could use your postings to cast you in a negative light.
DO NOT post any settlement details after the case is resolved, if you have signed a confidentiality agreement with the insurance company.
DO set your privacy settings to limit who has access to your information.
DO manage your settings during the pendency of your case to prevent others from tagging you.
Following these social media tips will help to protect the value of your case.  I am an experienced New Jersey accident lawyer. Call me today.  I can help.

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