What Will Filing Bankruptcy Cost?

The cost for filing bankruptcy through my office involves two parts: the filing fee and the legal fee.

At the present time, the court filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335, and $310 for Chapter 13. These are the same whether it is an individual filing or a couple.

The legal fee can vary depending on the complexity of your circumstances.  An individual living alone with no assets and limited income may file a “plain vanilla” Chapter 7 petition which is different from a situation which the filer owns a business and a home and has a wage earning spouse.   A Chapter 13 filing is more involved because of the need to prepare not only the petition but also the plan, and to appear in court to have the plan confirmed.  Thus the legal fee for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more than for a Chapter 7 filing.  Our first consultation will go over your situation in detail so that we can determine which bankruptcy chapter is right for you, and what it will cost.

Every bankruptcy filer is required to take a credit counseling course before filing.  In order to receive a discharge, you must also complete the debtor education course.  The cost of these courses is small and it may be possible to get a discount by registering for both courses with the same provider.

We normally take payment of the filing fee and legal fee in installments prior to filing the bankruptcy.  In the event that you are discharging unsecured consumer debt, you may be able to cease periodic payments on those debts and use those savings to pay your bankruptcy fees.

Legal fees can vary from attorney to attorney.  It is important to select a bankruptcy lawyer who is personally handling your case from start to finish, and who appears in court with you rather than sending a substitute whom you have never met.  As in most things in life, it is the personal attention and concern that makes the difference.

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