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Charles D. Whelan III, Esq. has been accepted by the New Jersey court system as an expert in the field of real estate law.  He is well versed in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. His 30+ years of experience and commitment to excellence ensures that you will receive competent and caring representation. From his main office centrally located in New Brunswick, the firm can help you with:

Whelan Law real estate Attorney


    • Closings
    • Chancery litigation
    • Easements and restrictions
    • Title issues and litigation
    • Financing and mortgages
    • Foreclosures
    • Home construction
    • Landlord-tenant disputes
    • Zoning and land use
    • Boundary line disputes
    • Retention of home through Chapter 13


    • Commercial real estate closings
    • Construction projects
    • Easements and restrictions
    • Financing and mortgages
    • Lease preparation and review
    • Land-use and zoning
    • Sales contract drafting and review
    • DCA registration of developments
    • Subdivision approvals and variances
    • Condominium creation
    • Bankruptcy workouts

Buying or Selling your Home

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or building a home anywhere in New Jersey, Charles D. Whelan III is there with you and for you, addressing your concerns and protecting your interests at every step of the process, including:

When real estate disputes arise, the firm will successfully protect your rights through negotiations and litigation. Mr. Whelan combines extensive knowledge about real estate law with confidence and assured courtroom demeanor to protect your home or business from foreclosure, boundary disputes, easement issues and similar problems. He also draws upon his experience with New Jersey housing laws to successfully handle evictions and landlord-tenant disputes.  He is often called upon to provide second opinions in these matters.

Not all disputes belong in the courtroom. Mr. Whelan successfully mediates disputes that arise between neighbors, homeowners and lending institutions, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants and home builders and customers. A knowledgeable negotiator is an effective negotiator, and with his many years of legal experience in New York and New Jersey, he always strives to achieve what is in the best interests of his clients.

More than just a place to conduct business, your office space and location can be an essential part of your business value. Real estate disputes can profoundly affect your business by obstructing your operations and endangering the security of your store or other business location. Charles D. Whelan III, Esq. uses his specialized experience and knowledge to protect your business and business property in antagonistic situations such as lease disputes, building violations, environmental issues, zoning controversies and the like.  With his undergraduate degree in planning, he knows how to talk to the municipal officials to find common ground, solve controversies and minimize potential fines and costs.

Commercial real estate contracts often include a clause requiring that disputes be resolved by way of  arbitration. In other cases, the courts will require that the parties attempt to mediate their differences.  Mr. Whelan has extensive experience in many areas of alternate dispute resolution.  He knows the mediators and arbitrators who are experienced, who will take the time to understand your situation and take the care to reach a fair resolution.  Whether your matter is in the core area of Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties, or elsewhere throughout New Jersey, Mr. Whelan’s knowledge and dedication will make all of the difference in resolving your residential or commercial real estate dispute.

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