If you are crushed by personal debt that you cannot pay back, then filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good option for you. The bankruptcy process starts when you call my office and I will give you a detailed free initial consultation over the phone. If it appears that you are qualified for Chapter 7, we then send you case worksheets to complete and return. The bankruptcy case starts when we file the bankruptcy petition electronically with the court. In order to prepare that petition, we do need a great deal of information from you about your income, expenses, assets and liabilities because that is the disclosure required by the Bankruptcy Code. That is where the worksheets come in. Also the worksheets are for your protection to make sure that nothing is left out of the petition, and also to see if there is any potential issue not mentioned in our consultation that would prevent you from obtaining your bankruptcy discharge.

You will come to my office to review and sign the petition. At the same time, I will also sign it and file it with the court. Then the court will schedule a meeting of creditors for you with your bankruptcy trustee. Pre COVID, those meetings were held at the Federal courthouse. However, they are now being handled over the phone. So you would come to my office to participate in the meeting if it is a phone conference. Otherwise, you would meet me at the courthouse. If none of your creditors object within 60 days of the meeting of creditors, and the trustee has no issue with your bankruptcy petition, then you will receive your bankruptcy discharge from the court, which means that all of your dischargeable debts would be wiped out. 

Having the right bankruptcy attorney will help you avoid common bankruptcy mistakes, and result in a successful Chapter 7 filing. Call me today at 732 214-0300 for more information.

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