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Coronavirus Addendum

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the New Jersey Association of Realtors has promulgated an “addendum regarding coronavirus” which its members are now including in the preparation of contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate. The addendum begins by acknowledging that the pandemic has had “unprecedented impacts on real estate transactions, including but not …

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Sheriffs Sale Vacated

When a homeowner fails to make mortgage payments, the lender will typically file a foreclosure action.  Ultimately the lender may obtain a final judgment of foreclosure and then schedule a sheriffs sale for the property.  At the sheriffs sale, the highest bidder will obtain title to the property, by a deed from the sheriff to the bidder upon payment in full …

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Love Stinks

(This according to the J. Geils Band song of the same name.) “And may lead to litigation…” A recent unreported Appellate Division decision involved parties that were romantically involved. The plaintiff purchased property and built a house. Prior to the closing, the parties executed an agreement in which plaintiff promised to deed the house into …

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