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When legal problems arise and affect your business or personal life, you need a committed, knowledgeable attorney who will speak and act for you so that you can get on with your life. For more than 30 years, Charles D. Whelan III, Esq. has represented New Jersey businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration and mediation. He will assist you with many kinds of general civil litigation in the State and Federal courts, including:

  • Business litigation and disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury claims
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Auto accidents and falldowns
  • Construction litigation
  • Consumer litigation
  • Products liability
  • Product defects
  • Torts
  • Commercial litigation
  • Title litigation
  • Litigation Defense

Get an Aggressive, Persuasive Litigator on Your Side

Litigation can be time consuming.  That is why Charles D. Whelan III focuses on the efficient and cost effective delivery of legal assistance throughout the dispute resolution process. This includes:

An Established Track Record

As a plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. Whelan has achieved many six figure recoveries in both personal injury cases and in commercial litigation.  As defense counsel, he offers comprehensive and skilled representation at a reasonable cost.

Individual Attention

When you retain the law firm of Charles D. Whelan III, we identify and explain all of your alternatives with thoughtfulness, understanding and compassion.

Controlling Your Litigation Costs:

We know how to deliver high quality legal services at a reasonable cost which is discussed with you up front before any work begins.  We do not hesitate in many cases to recommend payment of a modest retainer initially to allow us to investigate the facts of your matter, rather than asking for a large fee up front as a matter of course.


Mr. Whelan provides you with clear and understandable legal advice, and makes sure that the case strategy he individually creates for you will work for you and advance the goal of a fair and good conclusion to your matter. He will tell you what to expect as your case moves forward, and help you to have realistic expectations in your case. He has had no finding of unethical conduct, and has never been sued by a client for malpractice, in over 30 years of law practice.

A Focus On Success

Charles D. Whelan III always has your best interest in mind.  If extended litigation is the only means to accomplish the desired outcome, he is prepared.  If an early settlement is the better course, he will take the time to explain why he believes that it is in your best interest to settle instead of engaging in long and drawn out litigation.

Prepared for Trial

Charles D. Whelan III has the tenacity, conviction and expertise needed to handle your case up to and including trial when that is the best way of resolving your legal issue.  He knows the law.  His direct,  well -spoken approach in the courtroom, his knowledge of judges and legal adversaries throughout the State and his thorough preparation gives him an edge as an astute, experienced and passionate advocate who will fight for you and your rights.

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We selected you because you took time to talk with me at first contact. I believe it was a good 15-20 minute phone conversation involving a mix of business and personal. In fact, you were the only attorney that asked about what it is we wanted. Every other attorney merely quoted a rate for services. As I recall, you did not even mention money until I asked near the end of the conversation. You give attorneys a good name. I only wish the majority of the other attorneys on this planet had your knowledge and demeanor. Satisfied Attorney Client After years of frustration with an incompetent attorney, I had the good fortune of finding Mr. Whelan. His clear and concise communication style led me to hire him after a free consultation and enabled speedy filing of my case. The difficulties of managing a NJ rental property from CA became manageable thanks to his expertise and knowledge about the complex rental laws in NJ. You took time to talk with me at first contact. You were the only attorney that asked about what it is we wanted. Celeste B. I will never forget my attorney's dedication to obtaining a substantial recovery for me under a severe time deadline and with no cooperation from my former lawyer. Also, Mr. Whelan was very accommodating of my limited English throughout the case and my lack of understanding of the American court system. Personal Injury Client Chuck is well versed in business law, real estate law, landlord and tenant law as well as Planning, zoning and land use. Believe me we challenged his patience, creativity and legal knowledge. Chuck's intellect and ability would be enough. However, his integrity is what impresses me as much, if not more. I would highly recommend Chuck for a variety of legal services without hesitation. We are grateful to be associated with Chuck and appreciate his hard work on our behalf. Happy Small Business Client Mr. Whelan is a great lawyer. His main concern is always the client. In every matter that he has represented me, I have been very happy with the way everything worked out. I know I can trust him to protect my interests and rights. Satisfied Small Business Client Mr. Whelan provides critical services to our executive management team. He provides a very straight-forward and practical approach to our legal issues. He is timely and extremely reliable. Happy Client An extremely capable and trustworthy attorney with an excellent legal skill set. He delivers the results you want and practices his craft with a clear sense of honor and integrity. I would recommend him unequivocally to any person or business needing legal representation or counsel. Happy Client Mr. Whelan is a great lawyer. His main concern is always the client. In every matter that he has represented me, I have been very happy with the way everything worked out. I know I can trust him to protect my interests and rights. Satisfied Client Mr. Whelan is very professional and honest. He has a tremendous knowledge of all areas of law and is very practical in his approach. He is extremely effective at bringing a swift conclusion to various matters. He is well respected by his peers. I would highly recommend Mr. Whelan for any real estate, litigation, bankruptcy or contract issues. Happy Small Business Client Charles has been nothing but friendly and professional with handling my legal needs. Charles has also handled most of my family’s legal matters and real estate closings. I have known Charles for many years and whenever I have needed good advice, I turn to him. Over the years he has become a true friend that I would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Chuck for all you have done for me! Satisfied Client I have hired Mr. Whelan for several deals over years. I know he will respond quickly and provide professional guidance through every phase of my real estate deals. He is easy to talk to and will make you feel like you're his top priority client. Satisfied Real Estate Client Charles gave me sincere and professional legal advice and even guidance how to understand the situation for free. His opinion was highly professional with deep understanding for the law. I trust him and recommend him for anyone who need a first class trustfully lawyer. John Soliman Mr. Whelan is the absolute BEST!!! He's super professional, to the point, yet very compassionate. He knows his stuff!! I found him online and he got back to me ASAP and we got the ball rolling with no holdup. I would definitely recommend his services with no hesitation. He's trustworthy and won't waste your time which everyone can appreciate. Give him a call!! Sadiyah Thompson Previous Next

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Charles D. Whelan III has been committed to excellence for over 30 years. With offices located centrally in New Jersey, he is able to provide businesses and individuals with excellent legal services.

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